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Voice castEdit


The film was directed by Bibo Bergeron and Vicky Jenson and produced by Rob Letterman and Jeffrey Katzenberg.


Critical reception to Shark Tale since its release has been mixed to unfavorable. This film was (and still is) despised by the Dreamworks fan base and is considered their worst film ever. It is also despised because of how disturbing the characters looked.

The reasons why people hate this movie:

  • The characters looking too much like their voice actors.
  • Unfunny jokes and a mean-spirited environment. As well as forced pop culture references. Including jokes that make no sense.
  • Oscar being a bad person and a jerk in general.
  • Onscreen death and using it for dark comedy.
  • Ignorant attempts at comedy.
  • Lenny's subplot, which bears a strong resemblance to problems people in the LGBT community go through. 

The review aggregate website Rotten Tomatoes reported that critics gave the film a 38% "rotten" approval rating (based on 169 reviews), and called it "derivative and full of pop culture in-jokes". Critical reception from Metacritic to Shark Tale was also mixed. It received an overall 48/100 approval rating (based on 36 reviews) and Metacritic users gave the film a 5.2/10 rating (based on 40 votes).

It was also compared to previous "Finding Nemo" and people said that Dreamworks ripped off the aforementioned Pixar film with bad pop culture jokes.

Home mediaEdit

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Video gameEdit

It is a really bad rhythm game 9/11IGN


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